Woody Allen Is Shaking In His Boots After This Newly Discovered…

woody allen sexual attack harvey weinstein

Woody Allen conveys his sympathies for Harvey Weinstein as well as worries about what will happen to him due to Weinstein’s scandal. Weinstein is not just being accused of the sexual attack but also with rape.

“The entire Harvey Weinstein thing is really sad for everyone involved. Heartbreaking for the bad women which were involved, unfortunate for Harvey that their life is therefore messed up,” said Allen.

Harvey Weinstein is getting his sympathies from Woody Allen even after he is accused of a sexual attack

“You additionally don’t need it to lead to some witch search atmosphere; the Salem environment, where each and every guy within an office who else winks in a woman; is actually suddenly needing to call an attorney to defend themselves. That’s not really possible. But certain, you wish that this type of thing could be changed into a benefit for individuals rather than just a tragic or heartbreaking situation.” he stated.

“There are absolutely no winners in this, it’s simply very, really sad as well as tragic for all those poor females that needed to go through which,” stated Allen.

Would you find it unusual that Woody Allen, who has already been accused during the past; is more worried about himself compared to victims? This individual keeps speaking about how you will find no champions when people arrive forward. You will find winners in case justice is actually served. What exactly is he concealing? Check out his interview right here.

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