Wikileaks – Julian Assange Used Hillary Clinton’s Past To Ruin Her

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Hillary Clinton’s past actions are still haunting her.

And Julian Assange –the founder of WikiLeaks – wasted no time to use it against her.

He just brought up one of her biggest mistakes to ruin her.

In October 2016, Clinton famously tweeted out a picture of herself as a young girl and wished herself a happy birthday to a future President.

Obviously, that dream ended in miserable failure when she was defeated by Donald Trump.

So on President’s Day, Assange quoted her tweet with a #PresidentsDay hashtag.

Assange will never pass up a chance to take a shot at Clinton.

When she was Secretary of State, one of her aides – Anna-Marie Slaughter – sent an email with the subject line “AN SP MEMO ON POSSIBLE LEGAL AND NONLEGAL STRATEGIES RE WIKILEAKS.

Some interpreted that as the Clinton State Department using the phrase “nonlegal” as a call to take out Assange with a drone strike.

While there is no direct evidence to prove that, the oddly phrased subject line has fueled speculation for years.

And many credit Assange and WikiLeaks for helping sink Hillary’s campaign.

The transparency activist published emails showing how the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders and how the Clinton campaign colluded with the media for favorable coverage.

Americans saw the dirty underbelly of the DNC, Clinton campaign, and the media and were abhorred.

While some have charged that WikiLeaks is a Russian intelligence front organization, no evidence has been presented to substantiate that claim.

So it’s no surprise Assange will use any chance he can get to needle Clinton.

Did you find his tweet amusing?