Julian Assange Releases Video Every American Needs To See!!

Julian Assange has been a real problem for Hillary Clinton for months and even more so the closer we get to the election. Anyone paying attention at all realizes Hillary Clinton is involved in very corrupt activity and has been for years, but what was just discussed by Julian Assange is the worst of all.

Julian Assange says, “All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIS and funding ISIS, but the dodge has always been that it is some “rogue” princes using their oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

But that email says that it is the government of Saudi Arabia, and the government of Qatar that have been funding ISIS.

John Pilger: The Saudis, the Qataris, the Moroccans, the Bahrainis, particularly the first two, are giving all this money to the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary Clinton is secretary of state, and the State Department is approving massive arms sales, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Julian Assange: Under Hillary Clinton – and the Clinton emails reveal a significant discussion of it – the biggest-ever arms deal in the world was made with Saudi Arabia: more than $80 billion. During her tenure, the total arms exports from the US doubled in dollar value.

John Pilger:: Of course, the consequence of that is that this notorious jihadist group, called ISIL or ISIS, is created largely with money from people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation?

Julian Assange Yes.