Wife of Niger HERO Just Spoke About Trump’s Phone Call, Puts Frederica Wilson TO SHAME

Myeshia Johnson, widow of slain Green Beret LaDavid Johnson, has made a fool of herself since claiming President Donald Trump was disrepctful to her husband’s legacy.

This ridiculous argument was also parroted by Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson.

Now, Michelle Black, widow of Staff Sergeant Bryan Black (one of the other Green Berets killed in Niger by radical Islamists) is speaking out regarding her proiate call with Trump.

Michelle says Trump was brave and gracious!


Here’s more on the Niger attack, via ABC News:

Nearly three weeks after the deadly ambush on U.S. Special Ops forces in Niger, ABC News has learned chilling new details about the mission gone wrong from a survivor of the attack and a senior U.S. intelligence official.

Their accounts, provided in separate interviews, raise questions about why a second, potentially more dangerous mission was tacked on late in the day even after a second team that was supposed to join them was unable to do so.

What was started as a reconnaissance mission to meet with local leaders turned into a kill-or-capture mission aimed at a high-value target, according to both sources.

H/T: Right Scoop