WATCH: Reporter Asks Hillary About Bill’s Crimes On Live TV – Her Response Is Shocking…


Hillary Clinton still claims to be a “warrior” for women who have been sexually assaulted even though her own husband has numerous rape and sexual assault claims against him. That’s why things got awkward this week when an MSNBC reporter asked Hillary about the claims made against her husband on live television.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that as usual, Hillary danced around the question as soon as she was confronted with her own hypocrisy.

It’s politics and it’s gotten very political, and there are lot of names in this hopper. Whether it’s Franken or Moore, or Trump or Clinton … you name it. Does that make it harder or easier to not have it be a blip, just a cultural moment instead of a cultural change?” asked MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart.

Though Hillary rambled on for two minutes responding to this question, she never once mentioned the sexual misconduct allegations against Democratic Sen. Al Franken (Minn.) or her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Instead, she talked about the broad impact of sexual harassment before zeroing in on allegations against Republicans like President Donald Trump and Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Think about all the women working the overnight shift in factories, or late-night in restaurants, or cocktail lounges, or just minding their own business in their own neighborhood. And those women don’t have household names,” Hillary said. “And that’s what we’re seeing with Roy Moore. These are not famous women. These are women who basically have said, ‘Hey, this is unacceptable. I wasn’t able to talk about it a long time ago, but now others are coming forward [and] I’m willing to do that.’

The same with the large number of women accusing Trump of sexual assault and his own confession to it on the ‘Hollywood Access’ tape,” she added.

This comes as the Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct has come under a renewed scrutiny given the numerous cases against powerful men that are currently in the news. Hillary reportedly played a large role in silencing his accusers for decades, making her claims about listening to sex crime victims totally laughable.

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