WATCH: Hillary Is Being A Total Hypocrite AGAIN! What She Said In An Interview Is Crazy!

hillary hypocrite again her thoughts of assault

Within a new interview with Hillary Clinton, she discussed her response to the Harvey Weinstein accusations. Nonetheless, Hillary attempted to switch the topic to make it all about President Trump. She actually claimed that Trump was a “sexual assault” criminal. However, then the interviewer transformed the topic to her husband.

“It was simply disgusting and also the stories which have emerged are heartbreaking. And I also really compliment the women who’ve been willing to step forward now as well as tell their own stories,” stated Hillary throughout a BBC interview regarding Weinstein.

Now here’s Hillary being a hypocrite! Her opinion on assault…

“It’s essential that people not just concentrate on him as well as whatever implications flow through these reports about his conduct. However, we cannot tolerate this kind of conduct at any place, whether or not it’s within entertainment or national politics. After all, we now have someone acknowledging to being a sexual assault criminal in the White House,” explained Hillary. Almost certainly talking about Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape.

“The 3 women introduced onto stage by Trump attacking your husband, and you also kind of ignored them. Was that the way to go? Are you certain about that? ” asked the actual interviewer. Right now watch Hillary turn into a complete hypocrite.

“Well, yes simply because that had all already been litigated. That is subject to the huge investigation, as you may remember, in the late 90s and there have been conclusions drawn. That was obviously in the past,” said Hillary. Oh, it happened in the past. Alright… Check out the following video.

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