BREAKING: This Viral Video Of Obama AND Bill Clinton Agreeing With Trump Will Drive Democrats Mad!

Photo screenshot from video below

The Democrats are making a huge deal out of something that according to Barack Obama, “Republican and Democrat presidents have done for the last half century.”

Democrats are protesting and throwing tantrums at what President Trump is proposing to protect our borders and secure our country from illegal immigrants.

Whether it be the immigration ban from his Executive Order or the proposed border wall along the Mexican border, Democrats have been calling him crazy for proposing to secure our borders in the only ways that are possible.

The only problem is that illegal immigration has been a massive problem for this country for a long time and every president knows it, especially President Trump who plans to end the problem once and for all.

That’s why his plan seems so extreme to the Democrats. They haven’t seen a President go as far to secure our borders before. It’s hard to imagine something you haven’t seen for 8 years.

The argument of the Democrats that President Trump doesn’t have the authority to make these things happen is also the biggest joke and that’s where this viral video from Filming Cops from Facebook comes in.

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama openly spoke out about the immensity of the problem that illegal immigration poses to America, but where was the outrage from Democrats then?

Watch the video from Filming Cops here:

It’s hard not to laugh at the irony here. The last two Democratic Presidents have wanted the same thing as President Trump and we all saw what 16 years of their empty promises got us.

Millions of illegal immigrants.

Finally we have a president that aims big because with problems as big as illegal immigration half measures won’t work.

Trump aims to end the mess that Obama and Clinton left him by them not fulfilling their promises.

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