VIDEO : Van Jones Claims Susan Rice Should Receive A “Presidential Medal of Freedom”

Van “Whitelash” Jones just said on live television, that Susan Rice deserved a "Presidential Medal Of Freedom".

Van “Whitelash” Jones just said on live television, that Susan Rice deserved a “Presidential Medal Of Freedom”.

Watch the video:

So according to Van Jones this is all just one big right wing conspiracy.

The problem is that when you look at actual facts, you see that CNN’s swift denial of this story is unwarranted.

1-The spying start right after Trump won the GOP nomination?

2-Susan Rice is a known lier who spent over two years lying whilst under oath about the Benghazi situation.

3-This is also a woman who 2 weeks ago claimed she knew nothing about the unmasking before NOW admitting it.

So when you way up all of these damning facts, you can see that CNN is just trying to cover Susan Rice for the sake of pushing their anti-trump agenda.

Washington Free Beacon Reports

Van Jones said Wednesday on his CNN show, “The Messy Truth,” that President Donald Trump should give Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Jones told Republicans that instead of attacking Rice for her reported role in allegedly unmasking Trump transition officials, whose communications were incidentally captured by U.S. intelligence, they should be thanking her for not going public with the classified information to hurt the president.

“She got very disturbing information, and she looked into it. And as best we can tell, she did her job inside the proper channels,” Jones said. “For doing this, Donald Trump should give Susan Rice the Presidential Medal of Freedom, OK?”