Venezuela Desperately Clinging To Life

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The South American Nation Of Venezuela Is Facing A Critical Food Shortage

Citizens have turned to hunting pink flamingos, and sadly “other protected species.” Remains of everything from dogs and cats to donkeys and even giant anteaters have been found in garbage bags at city dumps around the country.

Flamingos have been a protected species and aren’t commonly hunted, however over 20 carcasses have been discovered with the breast and torsos removed for food.

A recent study conducted by three universities found that in 2015 87 percent of Venezuelans didn’t have enough money to buy sufficient food for their families.

“In France, they eat horses and in China they eat dogs and cats, but (only) after being raised according to sanitary programs,” Hugo Hernández, a veterinary sciences professor in University of Zulia, said. “In our country, these animals are being hunted in the wild or in the streets and cannot be safely consumed by humans.”

In Venezuela, two pounds of sugar or corn flour cost about 7,800 bolivares, or $2 dollars, on the black market, while two pounds of good meat goes for about 10,000 bolivares. Adding these three items together results in a cost that is around half of the country’s official monthly minimum wage of 40,000 bolivares, or $11 dollars. ~ Fox News

Venezuaela’s food crisis is tied directly to 2014’s collapsed oil prices, while there were certainly economic concerns before then. After the oil prices dropped the country could no longer pay the prices on imported foods. Domestic food production had all but dried up and the result was devastating.

Despite widespread unrest and violent protests Venezuela’s military, (Who historically are prone to overthrow their government.) seem to be content. 

“Lately, food is a better business than drugs,” said retired Gen. Cliver Alcala, who helped oversee Venezuela’s border security. “The military is in charge of food management now, and they’re not going to just take that on without getting their cut.” ~ NBC News

Translation? They are holding the food for themselves and selling it at 10 times the market price to people with no money.


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