US Forces Killed Taliban Shadow Governor In An Airstrike!

Did you notice how the terrorists are having difficulties working on their operations in the past few months? Well, ever since President Trump got elected, ISIS started losing battles in the middle east. And that’s because there is a new sheriff in Town, the name is Donald Trump.

A couple of weeks ago, President Trump dropped the “Mother of all bombs (MOAB)” and destroyed the hell out of ISIS. Today, he is back at it again, but this time he didn’t target ISIS, he targeted someone very important to the Taliban. A Taliban ‘shadow governor’ Quari Tayib was killed in an airstrike by the US military over the weekend.

The airstrike hit the Archi district of Kunduz province April 17 and killed Tayib, a high-level Taliban operative, whom the U.S. has been trying to target since 2011, the Pentagon announced in a press release Saturday.

This Taliban’s top official was responsible for the deaths of many Americans, so that way he became one of the top targets by the US military.

In a statements, US forces in Afghanistan said Tayib was killed in a 17 April air strike in the Archi district of Kunduz province.

Here’s an official statement by the US Forces:

The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom of movement in the area,” the forces said, adding that the attack “targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area”.

As the military officials said, Tayib, “had been a target of interest since 2011 and was directly responsible for deaths of US service members in Afghanistan”.

Tayib and these so-called shadow governors direct Taliban insurgents throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

During the airstrike, eight additional Taliban militants were killed, together with their leader.

What do you think about this?

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