IT’S OFFICIAL: US Agency Responsible for ‘Medicare’ Now Spending More than $100 BILLION PER MONTH

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For the first time in our nation’s history, one federal agency is now dishing out more than $100 billion per month, and it’s not the Department of Defense. According to a new report, the Department of Health and Human Services is spending unbelievable sums on Medicare, Medicaid, and other expensive entitlements.

“In the first eight months of this fiscal year, which began in October, HHS spent $834,346,000,000, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement for May. That is up from $731,724,000,000 in the first eight months of last fiscal year,” reports CNS News. “Through all of fiscal 2018, HHS spent approximately $1,120,500,000,000 — or $93,375,000,000 per month.”

“Through this full fiscal year, according to the estimate published in the Monthly Treasury Statement, HHS will spend approximately $1,230,273,000,000 — or $102,522,750,000 per month,” adds the website.

The HHS would likely fund Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All program; sending costs even higher as hundreds of millions are tossed off their private healthcare plans and placed under the government insurance scheme.

While the Department funds other programs like the National Institute of Health, more than 86% of the budget is dedicated to funding Medicare and Medicaid.

Economists say Sanders’ healthcare plan could cost upwards of $32.6 trillion during the first ten years.

Sanders released the video on social media just hours after a George Mason University study estimated the astronomical price-tag associated with the potential proposal; finding it would likely cost over $32.6 trillion.

“The study shows that ‘Medicare for All’ would save the American people $2 trillion over a ten year period… That’s what was in the study,” said Sanders.


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