UNBELIEVABLE! This Black Lives Matter Protester Just Said Most Racist Thing Yet! Proves What’s Wrong With Black Lives Matter!

Photo screengrab from video below

Black Lives Matter has been making headlines for a long time for their highly controversial protests and riots.

People have been attacked on the street and they say that those individuals do not speak for the entire organization, but after how many incidents and times does that excuse fall completely flat and fake like it was to begin with?

Now there has been a self-described Pre-school teacher that has said some of the most radical things yet from Black Lives Matter.


Here is part of the insane rant:

“F*** white supremacy, f*** the U.S. empire, f*** your imperialist ass lives. That s*** gotta go.”

“And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f****** White House, your f****** Presidents, they must go! F*** the White House.”

White people, give your f****** money, your f****** house, your f****** property, we need it f****** all,” as another protester responds “reparations!”

“Pay the f*** up, pay the f*** up. It ain’t just your f****** time, its your f****** money, and now your f******* life is devoted to social change,”

Watch the full insane rant:

That is the exact opposite message of peace. These people don’t want equality they want to make White people suffer for the very thing thing that they are complaining about.

It doesn’t get much more racist than this people. This is not a peaceful message of equality they want to “burn the White House down.”

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