Turkish Flags Posted On Hacked Twitter Accounts

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Hundreds of accounts were hacked including Forbes and Justin Bieber’s 

What followed was a barrage of inflammatory remarks, ranging from calling the Dutch people Nazi’s to posting Turkish flags and swastikas. Tweets showed that a large number of Twitter accounts were hacked with the same message being posted. This included Forbes, World Meteorological Organization, bitcoin wallet Blockchain, Germany soccer club Borussia Dortmund, Justin Bieber’s Japanese account, and the U.K. Department of Health.

Many of the accounts that were hacked have seemed to have taken back control from hackers. A number of Twitter users are claiming that a third party analytics app called Twitter Counter was compromised, which allowed hackers to send out loads of tweets from anyone using that software. A Twitter Counter spokesperson said it was aware of the situation and had begun to investigate.

“Before any definite findings, we’ve already taken measures to contain such abuse of our users’ accounts, assuming it is indeed done using our system – both blocking all ability to post tweets using our system and changing our Twitter app key,” the spokesperson told CNBC by email.

“One thing is important to note – we do not store users’ Twitter account credentials (passwords) nor credit card information. The abuse risk is limited to posting or following on Twitter and as I’ve mentioned – the first part is already contained.”A Twitter spokesperson said it was aware of “an issue” affecting a number of users and pointed to a page on its website giving advice on how to stay safe. ~ Cnbc


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