VIDEO – TUCKER CARLSON Takes On DNC communications director In A Fiery AND Heated Exchange

TUCKER TAKES DOWN YET ANOTHER LIBERAL FOOL - After he accuses Trumps speech in Poland of being a "dogwhistle" to white nationalists

Tucker Carlson had a DNC Communicator on his show yesterday. However it did not go as smoothly as some Liberal viewers may have wanted, as Tucker quite literally took this man to town.

Woodhouse, former president of a Democratic super PAC, was attempting to discussing President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland and the media backlash it received. He said that the media had failed to report on the fact that the speech was a “dog whistle to white nationalists,”.

Tucker then pushed back against Woodhouse, saying “Let’s stop with the propaganda … let’s just deal with the text of the speech,”.

To which Woodhouse replied by denouncing the Trump presidential campaign’s position on immigration and accusing the president of giving “a white nationalist speech in public.”

“You know what, stoking the fires of race hatred with an overstatement like that will not end well at all,” Tucker replied.

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