Tucker Carlson Strikes Again! Shuts Up Liberal Lawmaker On Live Television!

Tucker Carlson is cementing himself as the shining light in Fox News! Earlier today he had on Democratic Congress and House Intelligence Committee Member Adam Schiff and now Schiff is probably wishing he had never gone on Carlson’s show.

Schiff started making wild accusations that Tucker Carlson immediately shut down.

Schiff is trying to claim that the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin interfered in the election when they very well didn’t and there is no suggestion that they did. Even Obama has admitted that their was no sign of tampering from outside countries.

Really Democrats are just upset that Wikileaks exposed all of their dirty laundry for the world to see.

They have also focused their attention on blaming “fake news” for Hillary’s loss but the real lying news is the liberal media that claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t have a chance at winning as well as sharing fake stories that Russia interfered in the election at all.

These lying liberal news sites are the reason that people don’t believe anything anymore.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Tucker Carlson just destroyed Schiff on live tv! He didn’t stand a chance.

The information that WikiLeaks released was crucial to people seeing the real Hillary Clinton and that itself is a good thing.

Schiff claims over and over that Russia was behind it without any real information. There is no concrete evidence that Russia was behind anything. The fact that they keep claiming that Russia was behind it is purely speculation. Schiff references the heads of security agencies saying that it was so orchestrated that it had to come from the top of the Kremlin is not proof, it is speculation!

Schiff also admits that the emails from Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are real.

These people can’t accept that they lost fair and square and now they are trying come up with an excuse!

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