OH GOD! What Tucker Carlson Just Did To NBC Will Have Them Shutting Their Doors Before April!

Image Source: FOX News

Tucker Carlson just did it again. The man that destroys everyone that goes up against him just set his sights on the entirety of MSNBC and did not miss!

Tucker Carlson just showed how corrupt MSNBC really is and that the corruption goes all the way to the top!

There is absolutely no evidence of President Trump or anyone in his staff colluding with Russia to win the election, that Russia influenced a single vote, or hacked election machines but MSNBC continues to try and spread this false narrative in an attempt to bring down Trump.

That was until Tucker Carlson stepped up and brought them down instead.

NBC was the organization that leaked the Access Hollywood tapes of President Trump towards the end of the election and timed it to try and completely derail the Trump campaign.

According to Tucker Carlson, even the top of NBC was in on this. It isn’t hard to believe if you watch 2 minutes of their programming.

They are so desperate to spread the Russia narrative that that is the only thing that they talk about.

Tucker Carlson: Now keep in mind that the Access Hollywood tape had been sitting in an archive after it was shot several years before. NBC executives had know about it’s existence for several months before it aired… The network sat on it. But as November approached the temptation to shut down the Trump campaign became too much. And so NBC rose to the defense of Hillary Clinton and leaked that tape. And then they lied about it.

Now if your a news organization and somebody stole the story of the year out of your office, wouldn’t you want to know how that happened? You think you would. And yet as far as we can tell NBC never conducted a meaningful investigation on how that tape wound up at the Washington Post. That’s because they already knew the identity of the leaker. It was them!

This man is a God send! Finally someone that isn’t scared to take down one of the biggest media groups in the world!

MSNBC be prepared to be destroyed even more! This is just the beginning!

Share this everywhere to make sure everyone knows how horrible they really are!

H/T The Gateway Pundit