Tucker Carlson Shares 100 Ridiculous Things Liberals Have Called Racist This Year, It’s Hilarious

As Conservatives, we are used to liberals labeling every little thing they don’t like as ‘racist’. Fox’s Tucker Carlson put together the 100 of the most ridiculous things that liberals have called racist throughout 2017. It’s hilarious.

“We live in revolutionary times. Wild things happened in 2017, and they’ll keep happening next year. In these dangerous political times, it’s important you know what is and is not racist. So, we made a list for you. Let us begin. #100RacistThings,” tweets Tucker Carlson.

“1. Tamarisk trees in Palm Springs, California,” writes Tucker, linking to an article that accused these trees of being racist for blocking a predominantly black neighborhood from a golf course.

“2. The ice cream truck song,” writes Carlson linking to an NPR article accusing the writer of the ice cream tune of being a huge racist.

“9. Dr. Seuss.” writes Tucker referencing the librarian who called Melania Trump a racist earlier this year for sending their school Dr. Seuss books. Then a photo of that same librarian wearing a Dr. Seuss costume was found.

“13. Milk,” writes Carlson linking to a liberal article entitled “Milk, a symbol of neo-Nazi hate.”

“16. Being mad about NFL national anthem protests.” writes Carlson.

There is so much more.