BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Plans For Day 1 In Office Are Here! See Which Of Obama’s Backwards Policies Are Gone!

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Donald Trump isn’t going to waste any time once he gets sworn in, shown by how active he has been during the transition period in bringing in jobs and setting up a fantastic foundation of cabinet members to support him as President.

Donald Trump announced that he would be making big changes starting on day one and we finally have some more details on which of Obama’s backwards policies he is going to repeal so our country can move forward.
From CNN:

 …It was one of two moves Spicer said Trump will make immediately after he takes the oath of office.
He didn’t specify which executive actions Trump will repeal.
However, Trump has long been critical of Obama’s moves on immigration, energy regulation and foreign policy, and could look for ways to undo those and other actions.

Spicer also said Trump will begin reforms intended to “bring a new brand to Washington” with a restriction on members of his administration becoming lobbyists for a period of five years after they leave Trump’s government.
“It’s very forward-thinking,” Spicer said. “What we’ve had in the past is people who have looked in the rearview mirror. This time, we’re thinking forward. If you want to serve in a Trump administration, you’re going to serve this country, not yourself.”

Donald Trump’s friend and colleague Sean Spicer added more information later on.

It is definitely true that Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is scaring the mainstream media because now they won’t be able to get as high of ratings if they aren’t the ones to break the news.

Donald Trump could cut out the middleman of the mainstream media as much as he legally can which wouldn’t be surprising after the way that they have treated him throughout the election and transitional periods.

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