Trump Talks About The US Navy SEAL Killed In Yemen Under His Command!

Image source: Author: John Scorza / Marianique Santos

It is the first shock for Trump while in the White House – his order ended lives of more than 50 people, one of them is a US soldier!

Between dead people are children, women, civilians… That is the biggest price for being US president, making this kind of very tough decisions…

In a statement released Sunday, President Donald Trump mourned the death of a United States commando killed in Yemen over the weekend following a raid against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

It was the first combat death under Trump’s command. Three other servicemen were injured in the raid which took the lives of several senior AQAP leaders.

In a successful raid against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquarters, brave U.S. forces were instrumental in killing an estimated 14 AQAP members and capturing important intelligence that will assist the U.S. in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around the world,” Trump said, according to CNN.

Americans are saddened this morning with news that a life of a heroic service member has been taken in our fight against the evil of radical Islamic terrorism,” he added. “The sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces, and the families they leave behind, are the backbone of the liberty we hold so dear as Americans, united in our pursuit of a safer nation and a freer world.

My deepest thoughts and humblest prayers are with the family of this fallen service member. I also pray for a quick and complete recovery for the brave service members who sustained injuries,” the president went on to say.

This is a sad day for America! Sad day for Trump cabinet! We are all very very sad, this is bad day for all of us! We hope that we are not going to have this kind of moments in the future!

But the war is a ugly thing, people are dying, this is not the choice made by us, we are in the war because our enemies are attacking us! We have to fight back! We have to protect America!

People were dying for America for centuries, this country is built on the bones and blood of thousands of Americans trough out the history of this great country!

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