BREAKING: Donald Trump Responds to CNN and BuzzFeed Articles! See Him Completely Obliterate Them!

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Photo by Gage Skidmore Via Flikr

Both CNN and BuzzFeed spread horrible and unproven stories of Donald Trump this weekend and as you can imagine, Donald Trump did not back down.

Donald Trump went for the jugular on this one. CNN and BuzzFeed better watch out because they are now in hot water with the soon to be President.

The punches don’t come any harder than that folks. Donald Trump just knocked out both BuzzFeed and CNN in one punch and he didn’t even try that hard.

That is how low these two organizations have fallen. They are the farthest thing from respectable.

Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer also got some EPIC revenge on CNN during a press conference earlier today where he told CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta that he would remove him from the Press Corp if he kept acting like a child.

Acosta of course blew it completely out of proportion but Sean Spicer ultimately set the record straight during an appearance on Lou Dobbs.

Via Lou Dobbs:

These people are doing everything in their power to sabotage Trump’s presidency and they must be stopped. They cannot be allowed to continually spread lies and falsehoods.

Imagine if Fox News had acted this way about Obama. The whines from the liberals would be unbearable.

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