Trump Backing Away From Palestinian State

Courtesy of Wikipedia

“The worst deal I’ve seen is the Iran deal.” ~ President Donald J. Trump

When asked about racism the President explained how many people were behind his presidency against it’s perceived likelihood, and then replied, “We are going to have peace in this country.”

He also told Mr. Netanyahu to stop building new housing in the West Bank for the moment.

The reasons for this are almost certainly to alleviate the perception of disregard, as the West Bank is heavily contested.

The president also stressed that Israel would have to be flexible in any future peace talks. Saying, “As with any successful negotiation, both sides will have to make compromises.”

Clearly Israel won’t be given free reign to continually harass Palestinians as they have in the past.

Netanyahu’s two prerequisites for cooperation were: That the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and that Israel maintain security control over the entire West Bank.

The obstacle to peace, he said, is Palestinian hate, as demonstrated by building statues to those who carry out terrorist attacks and paying their families salaries. “This is the source of the conflict,” he said.

Arguably both sides have their concessions to consider, and lines they will not tolerate seing crossed. President Trump handled everything beautifully.

Mr. Flynn’s departure seemed to ensure that the conversations between Mr. Netanyahu and President Trump would focus more on making peace with the Palestinians than the prime minister might have preferred.

“I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing, I mean ever, a nuclear weapon,” ~ President Donald J. Trump