Trump To Save Taxpayers 357M By Removing Top Item Bought With Food Stamps

Earlier in the month, the Trump administration released a brilliant new alternative to food stamps.

Instead of giving out cash to recipients, they want to provide food boxes that include much-needed staples. This change would still provide food to the needy, but save taxpayers a fortune.

Naturally, Democrats are outraged.

They claim this change would somehow deprive Americans of food. Yet they are deliberately ignoring the fact that, under the current system, food stamp recipients are hardly eating well.

In fact, a new report has exposed the one item they are buying the most is not only void of nutritional value, but it also costs the taxpayers $357 million. It makes Trump’s food box initiative a radically great alternative to stop welfare recipients from buying this terrible product.

From Conservative Tribune:

In comparing the purchases of both SNAP and non-SNAP households, it was discovered that the top “commodity” purchased by SNAP recipients was soft drinks, upon which they spent at least $357.7 million, or about 5.44 percent of all expenditures … not exactly a “nutritional supplement.”

…In other words, even though the program was intended to provide “supplemental nutrition” to low-income families, liberal policies (remember who controlled Congress in 2008, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid) expanded it to include non-nutritional foods — a problem the USDA food boxes of staple items would seemingly address, at least partially…

It is worth noting that much of the rest of the top 25 specific purchased “commodities” by SNAP recipients could be classified as “junk” food and not particularly nutritious, and neither fresh fruits nor vegetables were anywhere to be found on that list.

We’ve known this fact for a long time. People on food stamps buy mostly junk food. Junk food and sodas are cheaper than nutritious food. That might be why they’re buying it, because they can get more with the cash they receive from the government.

That doesn’t change the fact that your tax dollars are helping poor people get fat. Not to mention acquire health diagnoses like diabetes and heart disease.

If Liberals really cared about Americans, they’d be eager to embrace Trump’s change. Didn’t Michelle Obama fight so hard to educate kids on nutrition? Wouldn’t Liberals want poor families eating better?

Instead, they fight tooth and nail over this obviously better alternative, just because Trump recommended it.

Turns out, Democrats don’t really care about helping America. Only about opposing the President.

h/t Conservative Tribune