What Trey Gowdy Just Said Ruined Every Democrat Lie About Nunes Briefing Trump!

Image Source: Amicus Humani Generis

The Democrats are becoming more and more desperate as the days go on and now they are even attacking people for doing their basic job description because they just want to shout conspiracy at anything that happens.

Rep. Nunes the chair of the House Intel Committee recently made a very clear public statement on President Trump being wiretapped by the Obama Admin, that it is “very likely” that President Trump was surveilled by a widespread surveillance probe into Trump Tower towards the end of the election.

While the president abusing his power to surveil the candidate of the opposing party days before the presidential election is criminal enough, the Democrats of course refuse to believe it.

Instead, they have now latched onto President Trump meeting with Rep. Nunes at the White House as a sign of corruption.

Need we remind the Democrats of Bill Clinton’s behind the scenes plane ride with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during Hillary Clinton’s trial.

Rep. Nunes’s job as the Chairman of the House Intel Committee is to report to the president but apparently even Nunes doing his job makes the Democrats go crazy now.

Trey Gowdy wasn’t going to stand for this nonsense and stepped in to destroy the Democrats’ lies and rumors before they even got started.

Thank God for Trey Gowdy and his non-stop fight against the BS of the media and Democrats!

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