Trey Gowdy Just REVEALED the Source of Trump Dossier – It Goes Back to Clinton!


Rep. Trey Gowdy dropped a bombshell hint on Fox News Tuesday night. He strongly implied that the information used by former British spy Christopher Steele for false anti-Trump research was provided by longtime Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal.

Blumenthal, a controversial figure, became central to the U.S. House investigation into the terrorist attack in Benghazi after emails showed Blumenthal consulted then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the false allegation that an anti-Islam YouTube video started the attack.

During his work for Clinton, he was also simultaneously employed by David Brock’s far-left organization Media Matters, earning at least $200,000 per year for his political activities. While never formally working for the Obama Administration, he worked in the White House of President Bill Clinton and for the Clinton Foundation during Obama’s tenure.

During the Fox News interview with host Martha MacCallum, Gowdy was asked whether “weeks before the election, somebody in the Obama State Department was feeding information from a foreign source to Christopher Steele.” This was after MacCallum previously asked if Gowdy knew anything about “a source who gave information to an unnamed associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton who then gave information to an unnamed official in the Obama State Department who then gave the information to Steele.

That’s when Gowdy provided a jaw-dropping response:

When you hear who the source, one of the sources of that information is, you’re going to think, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’ve heard that name somewhere before. Where could it possibly have been?‘”

After confirming the source was domestic, Gowdy noted, “I’m trying to think of how Secretary Clinton defined him. I think she said he was an old friend who emailed her from time to time.

When asked directly if the source was Blumenthal, Gowdy replied, “That would be really warm. You’re warm.

Gowdy’s comments come just a few days after the Republican memo showing how the Justice Department relied on the Clinton-funded dossier from Steele to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page, a former campaign adviser to Donald Trump.

It’s already looking like Hillary Clinton essentially purchased the warrant so the Obama-controlled federal government could monitor Team Trump during the heated 2016 campaign.