Top 10 Fake News Stories of 2016!

Photo: Youtube

The main talking point for this year are so-called fake news.

Clinton team wanted to blame fake news as the main reason why she lost the election.

But let see the list, what if the biggest fake news for 2016 are all about Trump?!

Fake news has been a huge problem for many years, but this year ‘Fake News’ became one of the top stories of the year, and in this video media analyst Mark Dice breaks down his list.

Here’s the list of the top 10 fake news stories of the year, can you guess how many mainstream media outlets are on the list?!

HAHA! So all of this is against Trump!?

So how did fake news helped Trump when they were against him?!

Even liberals are not buying it! They are angry at DNC because they helped Hillary and rigged the primaries against Bernie.

So what we have learned? Mass media were the biggest fake news sources for 2016, Hillary and democrats should stop crying!

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