Tim Matheson: ‘The GOP Is a Terrorist Organization’

Tim Matheson

Tim Matheson took to Twitter and called millions of Americans “terrorists, who are also “openly racist.” The Animal House star launched this banal rant in a Friday screed against President Donald Trump.

Tim Matheson, whose credits include Van Wilder: Party Liaison, Fletch, and the left-wing TV series, The West Wing, went on the attack in response to a claim by Obama-appointed “ethicist” Walter Shaub who alleged that President Trump’s new inspector general has taken his position illegally.

In response to Shaub’s accusation, Matheson jumped into his rote Hollywood attack on Republicans.

“They don’t care,” the Heart of Dixie Tim Matheson wrote. “The GOP is a terrorist organization that supports an openly racist, sexist, and mentally impaired Orange Balloon.”

Unsurprisingly, the actor’s Twitter feed is one long paean to the Democrat Party in particular and filled with extreme leftism drivel.

Tim Matheson is not much for originality, and has retweeted to his 20,000 followers images of Trump supporters as KKK members, appeared to expressed his hope that Trump supporters would kill themselves with bleach, and posted cartoons of Trump and Republicans putting kids in cages.

The actor’s Twitter feed is also full of supportive posts about Joe Biden, who is under fire for comments about black Americans that have blasted as racist.