Texas Lawmakers Now Considering Brexit-like Process To Leave The Union, ‘Is Not About War’

Some Texas state legislature members are proposing the state take a step back from the United States in a modern look at seceding from the Union.

Biz Pac Review reports that “Lawmakers in Texas say they are considering pursuing a Brexit-like movement as an alternative to living under what they see as rising Democratic socialism, and they say lawmakers in other states have shown a similar interest.”

On Newsmax, Texas state Rep. Kyle Biedermann says that their plans to step away from the United States “is not about war,” and it is also “not about actually seceding from the United States.” He told Chris Salcedo’s viewers that “this is about the beginning of a process, an act, just like Brexit.”

Rep. Biedermann explained that “Brexit was a vote of the people and then five years of a process” for the country to leave the European Union. In the same way, lawmakers in Texas want to take the question to the citizens of Texas.

The report states that “the Texas lawmaker suggested that he and others are already working on legislation that would put the question to voters of whether they wanted to remain within the U.S., as British citizens voted 52-48 percent in June 2015 to leave the EU.”

The Texas legislature would ask Texas citizens to vote on whether they “want to have the right to be an independent state?” Rep. Biedermann said, “after that question is answered ‘yes,’ then that process begins.”

The Texas legislature and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick would be required to start a committee to “address all of the things it would take to be an independent nation, an independent state, a Republic of Texas.”

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