Texas Lawmaker Calls ICE On Illegal Immigrants, CNN’s Kate Bolduan Does Next Is Unforgivable!

Image Source: CNN

CNN has shown time and time again that they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about any Republican but now they have truly reached a new low after what Kate Bolduan had to say about Texas Lawmaker Matt Rinaldi.

There were protests going on in state building and some of the protestors were brazen enough to even carry a sign saying,“I am an illegal and here to stay.”

Rinaldi saw this and called ICE agents that came and arrested them which is completely legal and just following the law of this country!

But of course the Democrats and the mainstream media have turned this on Rinaldi and he was even threatened to be physically assaulted for his actions.

Since when was it ok in this country to physically assault someone and threaten to kill someone for just upholding the law? The very law these people were elected to uphold.

And of course CNN just plays down that fact that Rinaldi was threatened with his life. Classic CNN.

This wasn’t democracy in action. These were illegals pleading to the sympathy of the gullible and idiotic Democrats that then are willing to threaten the life of an elected official.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit