Biden Picks Swamper Who Falsely Accused Michael Flynn of Russian Collusion as National Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan

Joe Biden has been busily pulling from the dregs of the Washington, D.C., muck to staff his presumptive administration.

Among the latest swamp creatures to re-emerge is Jake Sullivan, who Biden tapped to be his national security advisor, according to the Biden-Harris transition website.

Sullivan is best remembered as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide.

He also assisted in brokering the abysmal Iran nuclear deal, which even CNN admitted involved sending a plane stuffed with $400 million in cash to the terror-supporting nation.

However, his real distinction comes in what he did to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in 2017 when Sullivan accused Flynn of violating the Logan Act during the transition period after Donald Trump was elected president and conspiring with Russia to block penalties imposed for their meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

According to transcripts from Sullivan’s December 2017 interview with the House Intelligence Committee, former ranking member California Rep. Adam Schiff — now the committee’s chairman — asked “about the factual basis for Mike Flynn’s plea, in that he admitted making false statements about a conversation he had with the Russian ambassador on the subject of sanctions.