Students Tried To Protest Pence At Graduation, What Happened Next Made It The Worst Day Of Their Lives!

Image Source: CNN

Democrats are trying to get more and more creative in their protests because after a while even they realize that they are protesting nothing but lies.

But that didn’t stop these students from trying to protest the Trump administration during their own graduation that VP Mike Pence was giving the Commencement Speech at.

During Pence’s speech, several students got up and walked out in protest of the Trump Administration.

But what happened next they didn’t expect.

When VP Pence took the stage the crowd erupted in applause and when the students started walking out, the started booing!

If these students wanted to make a statement, they apparently picked the wrong time and place because nothing says congratulations for graduating like getting booed off as you walk away in protest of nothing.

Watch it happen here:

As you can see the crowd was cheering before the students got up and then started booing when they started walking out.

This of course didn’t phase VP Mike Pence as he continued his introductions and thanking Notre Dame for having him.

Mike Pence is even gracious when he is being insulted to his face!

This is how you handle opposition. You ignore them and let them ruin their own big day!

H/T The Gateway Pundit