TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN! Election Fraud Was Committed Says An Election Official From Florida!

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President Trump will not back off from statements regarding illegal aliens voting within US elections – and legally so. Within a rare entry, Brenda Snipes, a crucial election official within the state of Florida, accepted both “ noncitizens ” and criminals voted in Broward County.

Daily Signal states:

Elections Supervisor of Broward County Brenda Snipes is protecting her office from a lawsuit. The American Civil Rights Union introduced this lawsuit. This is a traditional legal team that says there are definitely more voters on Broward’s rolls compared to qualified voters within the county.

A report came in that all those rolls are full of not just noncitizens as well as criminals. Additionally, there were other people who voted against the law.

Upon July 31, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel paper documented that, in the courtroom, “Snipes recognized the procedures her office has used aren’t ideal and that a few noncitizens, as well as criminals, voted in spite of not being qualified-specially just before main elections, whenever groups tend to be actively signing up new voters. ”

Burnadette Norris-Weeks, an attorney for Snipes and Broward County, gave a statement that the declaration was “blown out of proportion”. It was a reply to a question, instead of a declaration of particular voter scams in the region.

“This was not a recommendation there was clearly widespread voter fraud within Broward County, ” Norris-Weeks for The Daily Signal. The lady included that suggested enhancements were “no admission of anything.”

To absolutely no one’s shock, Snipes is definitely an ally of Hillary Clinton. Also, apparently she met with her throughout the political election.

Miami Herald states:

Early voters in Florida began casting votes. Because of that, traditional sites buzzed about brand new evidence of twisted campaign techniques. Hillary Clinton carried this out in order to secure the important battleground state.

The supposed scheme aimed at left-leaning Broward County, currently in the information for disbursing some mail-in ballots without having the Second Amendment, a suggestion to legalize medical marijuana.

The statements started from Roger Stone, the Donald Trump supporter as well as an ex – strategy operative. He spoke of the “secret” conference to conspiracy theorist as well as radio host Alex Jones on October 26th.

“The other day Hillary Clinton comes up in Broward County – slides right into a private conference with the woman that runs the board of elections,” said Stone, who comes from Fort Lauderdale.

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