‘She’s Mentally Ill’: Taylor Greene Rails at Nancy Pelosi’s Threat to Expel GOP Members

Rep. Greene

While most Americans are focused on the elderly Joe Biden’s mental status difficulties, firebrand GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene believes we should begin keeping a closer eye on the mental health of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as well.

Her comments come after Dear Leader Pelosi suggested Thursday that she believes she has the power to ban unvaccinated Republicans from the House chamber (and in doing so, stifle the voices of the tens of millions of Americans they were elected to represent).

The Washington Examiner notes:

The California Democrat also blamed Republicans as untrustworthy vaccine holdouts and said she may eventually force them to vote in a separate location from the House floor.

Pelosi suggested the House could ban unvaccinated GOP lawmakers from the House floor and force them to vote in a special vestibule on the third floor of the Capitol, above the chamber.

“The honor system, as to whether somebody is vaccinated?” she said after being asked if she planned to keep the ridiculous mask mandate that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is no longer necessary in the presence of vaccinated persons.

“Do you want them breathing in your face, on the strength of their honor? … “We have a responsibility to make sure that the House of Representatives chamber is not a Petri dish for the cause of the selfishness of some, not to be vaccinated, or to insist,” on not wearing a mask, Pelosi added.

She went on to claim her objective is to balance her ‘constitutional duty’ with the health and safety of members — which is a lie because Pelosi doesn’t care about the Constitution unless it serves her political objectives and vaccinated people, we’re told, have nothing to fear from anyone.

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