Sharpton: The American Taxpayer Shouldn’t Pay For The Jefferson Monument Nor Any Former Slave Owner!

sharpton taxpayer slave owner jefferson slavery

Al Sharpton, the civil rights proponent, and commentator has issues with taxpayer dollars spent on maintenance of monuments of any slave owner. He thinks that promotes the topic of slavery as an acceptable thing. One of these monuments is the Jefferson monument.

During an interview in August with PBS’ Steve Rose, Sharpton explained he did not accept taxpayer money being invested in the repair of monuments of any slave owner.

“This is a personal offense to all of us,” Sharpton told PBS, according to The Blaze. “My great-grandfather was a slave in South Ca. People need to understand that slavery actually happened”

Sharpton designated the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, showing that previous President Thomas Jefferson was obviously a slave owner.

“The undeniable fact is that public monuments are maintained with taxpayer money. This way you’re requesting me to subsidize the actual injustice against my family, Sharpton stated.

sharpton taxpayer slave owner jefferson slavery

“The taxpayer should not have to pay to maintain a monument of somebody who was a slave owner. You have closed museums, and other solutions you may use, Sharpton stated, suggesting a different location for the monuments.

The actual Jefferson monument will undergo a fix that would include references to Jefferson’s support of slavery. This is in order to stay historically precise and highly relevant to the current climate in society.

“We’re attempting to make it a bit more modern and much more interactive. Furthermore, we like to symbolize the complexness of someone such as Jefferson with an appropriate method. “

Sharpton Is Trying To Persuade Everyone That The Taxpayer Shouldn’t Pay For Monuments Of Jefferson Or Any Slave Owner

Kate Greenberg, VP of PR for the Trust for the National Mall said that following the events within Charlottesville, Va, it was unsurprising that the nationwide talk regarding race might soon “spill out” towards the National Mall.

Not everybody agreed along with Sharpton’s ideas about eliminating access to taxpayer funded to monuments like the Jefferson monument. Others contended that Sharpton’s comments had been unfair simply because he has already been the subject of investigations with tax fraud, according to the Daily Wire.

Throughout an investigation within 2014, The New York Times discovered that Sharpton owed around $4.5 mil in back taxes. They also documented that while Sharpton appeared to be settling the amount he owed towards the federal government, the total amount he owed was increasing.

The Times documented Sharpton frequently traveled in style and had an enormous income while under investigation.

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