Shady Eric Holder: It’s ‘Unnecessary’ for DOJ to Apologize for Targeting Conservatives [Details]


Remember when Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups in 2014?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says the Dept. of Justice SHOULD NOT apologize!

No joke.

He’s serious.

From Truth Revolt:

President Trump’s Department of Justice issued a long-awaited apology to Tea Party groups that were targeted by the IRS under the Obama administration, and former Attorney General Eric Holder thinks that should’ve never happened.

“That apology was unnecessary, unfounded and inconsistent, it seems to me, with the responsibilities that somebody who would seek to lead the Justice Department should have done,” said Holder, according to The Washington Times.

With Lois Lerner at the helm, the IRS was in effect weaponized against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, often having their applications stalled for years if they were ever approved at all. A pro-Israel group was in the IRS system for six long years because they agency concluded they were “sponsoring terrorism.” That group also received an “unnecessary” apology.

More from Washington Times:

He’d ordered a criminal probe into the IRS’s handling of tea party applications after the 2013 revelation by an inspector general that the tax agency had subjected conservative groups to intrusive and inappropriate scrutiny when they applied for nonprofit status.

That probe eventually cleared the IRS, saying that while there was bungling, there was no ill intent. the probe specifically cleared former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner, saying rather than a problem, she was actually a hero, reporting bad practices when she spotted them.

The Justice Department reversed that finding, though, in settlements reached with tea party groups over the last year that singled Ms. Lerner out as having approved of the intrusive behavior and yet hidden the practices from her supervisors in Washington.

What a shame!

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