What Senator Cotton Just Said Destroyed The Entire Clinton Foundation!

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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared on Fox and Friends earlier today and gave his impressions of the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons.

It couldn’t get much worse for Hillary and Bill than this! They are in deep water now!

Senator Cotton had this to say:

The more we learn about the Clinton Foundation’s operations, whether it’s from the book Clinton Cash, or Bret Baier’s reporting or The Wall Street Journal‘s reporting, the more it becomes clearer that the Clinton Foundation may be the world’s largest money laundering and influence-peddling operation. In fact, with two investigations swirling around Hillary Clinton both the email investigation and the Clinton Foundation investigation, I think it may become clear that those are really the same controversy. One reason why Hillary Clinton probably went and set up a private email server was so she could advance her pay-for-play agenda at the State Department with Clinton Foundation donors giving perks and benefits to dictators and shady oligarchs all around the world.

The Clintons are freaking out as the pressure is only increasing the closer we get to election day. More and more people are realizing what they truly are, the most repugnant and corrupt crime family to ever exist in American Politics.

The Clintons manipulate their power for personal gain and exploit political favors to line their own pockets.

They don’t care about the working class people, they don’t care about the middle class, they only care about what people can do for them.

Hillary Clinton is trying to take over our country so she can run it into the ground to benefit herself.

Donald Trump wants to clean up the swamp that Hillary and her cronies have made and that’s why we need to stop Hillary right now.

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