Secret Service Under Microscope For Recent Issues!!!

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Most of us could never make the cut to be a secret service agent. 

The trust you have to earn to even be considered for the secret service would put 75% of Americans in the round file. Of that remaining 25% between the physical and psychological demands maybe another 75% wouldn’t pass. Of those who remain the rigors of the job, the loyalty expected, and the kind of esprit de corps required starts picking off stragglers. So of 1000 people you might get 62 people who could do the job. Chances are only half of them will do it well.

If that is a fair estimation, we could probably deduce how often a bad decision will crop up just by evaluating past performance right?

Two security-related incidents happened Saturday, which made it the third incident in a matter of eight days.

Courtesy ABC News

The latest attempted security breach at the White House happened around 11:05 p.m. Saturday. Officials said a driver was taken into custody after pulling up to a checkpoint at 15th Street and E Street NW and told a security guard he had a bomb. The car was declared suspicious, and a robot was used to examine it. “I’m really nervous with the Secret Service in that they’re not doing their job, that something needs to be changed, maybe at the head of it,” said Lisa Cummins, who’s visiting D.C. from Salt Lake City, Utah.

A new fence outside the White House was approved last month. It will be taller, stronger and have special technology to help keep out intruders. The Secret Service hopes to break ground with the National Park Service next year. ~ ABC


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