Sean Hannity Revealed WHO PAID For Trump Dossier And It’s NOT Who You Thought! [Video]

Wow, the latest news regarding Trump dossier are revealing a whole different story than the one the liberals were pushing all this time and are pushing at this moment and this will make them to run home with their tails behind their backs.

Highly respected Conservative TV host Sean Hannity in his most recent show revealed his info that Trump dossier was actually a big hoax, not that we didn’t know this already.

But, the crazy part is that he told America that he heard either former FBI Director James Comey or FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe made the base of the hoax which means one or both of them have paid US officials to make illegal spying on the President and the White House.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Sara Carter reported earlier tonight the FBI gained approval to surveil members of Trump’s campaign by using the bogus Russia dossier.

Sean Hannity said McCabe or Comey paid for the phony dossier!
Sean Hannity: I’m hearing from sources that either Comey or McCabe paid. Do you hear the same?
Sara Carter: I’m hearing both stories, Sean.

He really showed them the truth that is unbreakable and will push these liberals to the edge.

Via Sara Carter:

“A large portion of the evidence presented in the salacious 35-page dossier put together by former British spy Christopher Steele has either been proven wrong or remains unsubstantiated. However, the FBI gained approval nevertheless to surveil members of Trump’s campaign and “it’s outrageous and clearly should be thoroughly investigated,” said a senior law enforcement source, with knowledge of the process.

Multiple sources told this reporter that the dossier was used along with other evidence to obtain the warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, known as FISC. The sources also stressed that there will be more information in the coming week regarding systemic “FISA abuse.”

“(The dossier) certainly played a role in obtaining the warrant,” added another senior U.S. official, with knowledge of the dossier. Congress needs to look at the FBI officials who were handling this case and see what, if anything, was verified in the dossier. I think an important question is whether the FBI paid anything to the source for the dossier.”

This is the real truth, the one that hurts Democrats and pokes them in their hearts. Do you respect Sean Hannity?