WATCH: Sean Hannity DESTROYS Jimmy Kimmel On Live TV!


A few days ago, ABC made an interview with liberal host Jimmy Kimmel in which Jimmy stated not to make fun of Harvey Weinstein because he is not planning to be ‘the moral conscience of America’.

This, of course, follows after Jimmy made several monologues about the 2nd-Amendment in which he tried to get its advocates to step down on the Las Vegas shooting victims.

On top of this, there is a video circling through the internet in which Jimmy Kimmel is asking passerby girls to feel his private area as a part of a sick ‘game’. Sean Hannity had something to say about this foolishness and decided to take some time to focus on his actions.

Gun nuts? Not the moral conscience of America? Well, I guess Kimmel reserves his late-night comments for causes that are only expedient to him. And by the way, speaking of Mr. Kimmel, last night we played for you part of a very disturbing clip of him when he was a co-host of “The Man Show,” asking women to feel and touch with both hands and put their mouth on what’s in his pants,” explained Hannity.

Before we show you, we must warn you, this video is extremely graphic. Are you proud of this?” he asked.

Then he played the video which you can see below. “18? Put your mouth on them? Guess what, Kimmel, you’re pretty creepy. Yeah, okay, you’re not the moral compass if you will, for America today. I will agree with that,”

For a better look, you can check this video as well:

Well done Hannity on exposing how big of a fool Jimmy Kimmel is. Do you agree?

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