CONCERNING: Top Saudi Officials ARRESTED –> Connections With PODESTA GROUP!

The Saudi Kingdom made a huge anti-corruption action on Sunday in which they arrested 14 top officials, princes, senior military officers and businessmen, all top-dollar Saudi figures.

This anti-corruption probe affected amongst other billionaires, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who is known for his anti-Trump rhetorics and deep relations with Hillary as her donor.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was known for his public critics towards Trump, and now he is arrested for corruption linked with Podesta Group.

Oh my, my.

There is a list of the ‘important’ Saudi officials that were arrested in this anti-corruption probe that lasted the whole Weekend.

Via Victory of Light:

Here is the list in written form:

1. Waleed Bin Talal (Billionaire owner of the Kingdom Holding group)
2. Prince Mitaab bin Abdullah (Former Minister of the National Guard)
3. Prince Turki bin Abdullah (Former Governor of Riyadh(Capital city))
4. Prince Turki bin Nasser
5. Waleed Ibrahim (Owner of MBC Media Company)
6. Khaled Al-Tuwaijri (Former President of the Royal Court)
7. Adel Faqih (Former Labor Minister and current Economy and Planning Minister)
8. Omer Dabbagh ( Former President of the General Investment Authority)
9. Saleh Kamel (Billionaire)
10. Saud Al-Tobaishi (Head of Royal Ceremonies and Protocols)
11. Ibrahim Al- Assaf (Former Finance Minister and current State Minister)
12. Bakr Bin Ladin (Owner of Bin Ladin Group)
13. Saud Al-Dawish (Former CEO of Saudi Telecom Company)
14. Khaled Al-Mulhem (Former Director General at Saudi Arabian Airlines)

There is an ongoing investigation whether or not all of these criminals arrested for corruption are linked to the Podesta Group.

In this case, one thing is for sure, Podesta Group must be held accountable for corruption linked to these individuals and who knows how many other officials and billionaires are yet to be discovered.

Stay tuned for more info.