Secretary Sarah Sanders DESTROYS Nancy Pelosi on LIVE AIR (WATCH)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not have to utter one word to make her thoughts crystal clear during President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

As cameras captured Pelosi’s face while she listened from her seat in the House chamber, Americans were stunned to see her angrily scowling at the president in disapproval.

Although the president aimed to bridge the nation’s massive partisan divide through his remarks, the California Democrat and her liberal colleagues appeared thoroughly unimpressed with the whole effort.

Observers on Twitter even turned Pelosi into one of the night’s memes, poking from at the lawmaker for the seemingly permanent grimace she was wearing all night.

However, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, had a slightly different take on the sour-puss frown Pelosi wore the entire night of Trump’s address.

In an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday morning, Sanders revealed that she thinks that’s just how Pelosi’s face looks “all the time” ― and also that she really needs to lighten up.

When host Cuomo asked the press secretary how President Trump could serve as a unifying force, Sanders did not hold back and immediate called out Pelosi for her terrible attitude.

I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time. I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it.” Observed Sanders before going in for the kill shot, “She seems to embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democratic Party right now.

Sanders said that last night was a good step forward and hopes the left can let go of some of their hate for President Trump, demanding that they make a decision to do what is right for our country:

Do they love America more than they hate this president? And are they willing to put some of those differences aside, come together and do what is right for this country?

The clever press secretary then took another shot at Pelosi saying, “Surely, turning that frown upside down is the first step.

Of course it didn’t take long before Pelosi Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill added some real negativity to the mix:

I think the WH Press Secretary should lie less often,” he snarked, while probably scowling. “I think the whole country would be better for it.

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