RYAN STRIKES: Paul Ryan Threatens to Hold LISA PAGE in CONTEMPT

Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan didn’t hold back while discussing anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page Wednesday; threatening to hold the DOJ official in “contempt of Congress” should she fail to testify before Congressional leaders.

According to Politico, Ryan was referring to Page’s recent suggestion that she may decline to speak before the House Judiciary Committee; adding he was “very disturbed” by the anti-Trump attorney’s comments.

“I am very disturbed by this,” Ryan told journalists at a press briefing Wednesday. “Congressional subpoenas for testimony are not optional. … She was a part of a mess that they have uncovered over at DOJ. She has an obligation to come testify.”

“If she wants to come plead the Fifth, that’s her choice. But a subpoena to testify before Congress is not optional. It’s mandatory. She needs to comply,” he added.

Lisa Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok made national headlines earlier this year following the release of their private text conversations; illustrating widespread anti-Trump political bias throughout the Department of Justice.

Ryan’s comments backed up House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who issued the subpoena for Page’s testimony on Saturday and blasted Page’s decision to skip a Wednesday morning deposition. It’s unclear when the House might move to hold Page in contempt — or whether an agreement can be reached to bring in Page in later this month.

Ryan’s remarks are sure to fuel a growing confrontation between GOP lawmakers and top FBI officials who have been at the center of the president’s claims that the FBI’s Russia investigation is a “witch hunt” led by biased FBI personnel. Page’s texts with FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok — unearthed by an internal Justice Department watchdog — revealed deep animus toward Trump. But there’s also no evidence to show their personal views were translated into action.

h/t Sean Hannity

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