See What Russia Just Said About Trump!

Russia has played a very prominent role in this election, having said that Hillary Clinton would have more than likely started WWIII. Now Putin’s top aide Sergei Glazyev, has said that Trump’s victory averted WWIII.

The Independent reported:

One of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisors has claimed Donald Trump’s victory has averted a third world war.

Speaking after Mr Trump won a shock victory over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, Kremlin advisor Sergei Glazyev said the Democrat politician was a “symbol of war” and under Mr Trump the US had “a chance to change course”.

He told Russian news wire RNS: “Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace.

“Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course”.

Relations between the two countries have sunk to their lowest point since the Cold War after Russia was accused of interfering in the election with the strategic leak of emails which were damaging to Ms Clinton and the Democrat party.

Donald Trump is not going to sit down and make America look weak to the world and he will make sure that our country is safe. Putin knows this and he knows that him and Trump will be able to find peaceful solutions.

Donald Trump is already proving to be a better president that Obama. This is HUUGE!

Russia knows that they can’t mess with Trump like they have with Obama and Hillary Clinton and they are wanting to work peacefully now.

This proves that Donald Trump was the right choice for America!

Obama is absolutely PISSED! Obama looks like a total failure now that Trump has accomplished something that he has been trying to do over the last 8 years, create peaceful negotiations between Russia and the United States.

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