Rush Limbaugh Sends Dire Warning After GOP Plans To Get Rid Of The “MAGA” Movement

Rush Limbaugh spent a portion of his program on Friday discussing what he believes is more treachery by the GOP establishment as it seeks to ‘cleanse’ the party of Trumpism — which most realistic analysts believe, at this point, would be political suicide.

And that’s precisely the point, the conservative talk king noted.

Limbaugh, who has long since been known for his keen intellect and ability to see through the political chaff, said that the GOP elites won’t have a problem at all becoming the minority party for the foreseeable future if it means the end of the MAGA movement — much like the RINO elite opposed the conservative populism of the Tea Party movement a decade ago.

“The endgame is the destruction of the entire MAGA movement, even if it means the Republican Party is adrift in the wilderness for 30 years. ‘We’re gonna get rid of MAGA, it’s gonna have nothing to do with the Republican Party going forward.’ That’s the battle within the Republican Party. The Republican Party has its own establishment types. They have members that are as pro-deep state as Democrats are,” he said in response to a caller who asked how it was possible for the No. 3 Republican in the House, Wyoming’s Liz Cheney, to support impeaching former President Trump earlier this month.

Limbaugh, whose rise to the top of conservative radio began at the end of Ronald Reagan’s two terms, said the RINO establishment cleansed the party of ‘Reaganism’ after he left office in 1988 and his VP, George H. W. Bush, was elected.

“The Republican Party immediately began to eliminate anything that Reagan had to do with anything in terms of policy,” he said. “George H. W. Bush ran for election claiming to be Reagan’s third term. And he got elected on that. But he started raising taxes. He did everything the opposite of what Reagan did, started making deals with the Democrats. And the reason was that the Republican establishment back then had no use for conservatives, no use for us, no use for conservatism.”

Now, though, after four years of Trump’s wild policy success — policies the GOP RINO class always claimed to support (when they knew they couldn’t get their polices enacted) — it’ll be worse than when Reagan left.

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