Rosie O’Donnell Calls For Martial Law Against Trump!

Image source: Author: David Shankbone

Libs are over! They are gone man! They lost their mind! This Trump thing is too much for their small brains!

With President-elect Trump’s inauguration literally days away, comedian Rosie O’Donnell is calling on President Barack Obama to declare martial law in order to prevent Trump from becoming president.

HAHAA! Oh man this is great! How did this folks come up with these ideas?! What they eat, what kind of drugs they take?!

Under martial law, U.S. law would be suspended and governance would fall to the military.

O’Donnell made the bizarre statement on Wednesday:

O’Donnell followed up with a similar statement on Thursday:

The “charges” to which O’Donnell is referring are the unfounded and largely discredited accusations made in the dossier published this week by BuzzFeed.

So over a fake news! She is talking BS over a BS! CLASSIC LIBS!

The last time O’Donnell made headlines, she was attacking Barron Trump and pushing a video that suggested the 10-year-old is autistic.
She is a disgusting person! She is full of hate! She is the ultimate low life!

We should start ignoring this kind of people. We have to stay focused on the price!

What is the price – AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Trump should start ignoring all these losers. It is very tough, but he will not going to have time to fight these loonies!

Liberals are the worst kind of people. Thanks god that we finally beat them!


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