Rex Tillerson : Future of Assad Regime ‘Will Be Decided by the Syrian People’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made a significant statement that is set to change America's foreign policy indefinitely.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made a significant statement that is set to change America’s foreign policy indefinitely.

Tillerson’s comments came during a press conference with the Turkish Foreign Minister.

The specific comments on Syria came when a reporter said “The previous administration said that Syrian President Assad must go,”

Tillerson then responded by commenting on the tough decisions that will have to be made in regards to Syria.

He then followed this up by saying “I think the… longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people,”.

This strategy in regards to Syria would mark a significant foreign policy change.As over the last 8 years we’ve had an administration that have been a lot more active in the middle east.The Obama administration made a habbit out of going in and overthrowing country’s in the middle east.

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Tillerson said meeting with Turkish officials was the way the two nations iron out differences in their approaches and philosophies as they consider their next steps.

“They are difficult options, let me be very frank,” Tillerson said. “These are not easy decisions. They are difficult choices that have to be made. So this has been very good, the conversations today were very frank, very candid, and we will be taking those conversations away.

“I know the foreign minister and the president and the prime minister, they will consider all of the exchanges we had today, but ultimately, Turkey and the United States will stay together in the fight as part of the broader coalition to defeat Daesh.”

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