Republican Catches Top Democrat Breaking Federal Law, Calls For His Arrest

California is one of the most anti-freedom, anti-federal states in the country.

Their ‘progressive’ policies, from their tax code, their embrace of illegal immigrants, and their harmful regulations have forced California to regress behind most other states in the nation.

Why such decay? None other than liberals being given political power to do as they see fit instead of doing what is right for the people.

The hubris of the Democrats in this state is appalling. In our particular story, California’s uber-liberal Attorney General is not only promoting the welcoming of illegal aliens into the state, but he has also informed his employees that if they are asked to assist President Trump’s federal immigration staff in locating and arresting these illegals, THEY will face punishment.

In short, he is threatening his staff with penalties if they follow the rule of law. And one of the few Republican lawmakers in this state has seen enough. California Assemblyman Travis Allen is now calling for the Department of Justice to arrest Attorney General Xavier Becerra for forcing his staff to break the law.

From Breitbart:

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Huntington Beach, CA Assemblyman Travis Allen argued his state’s attorney general Xavier Becerra should be arrested for breaking federal law.

Last week, Becerra threatened employers in California with legal penalties for helping federal immigration officials crack down on illegal immigration.

He’s crossed the line,” Allen said. “This is now a criminal offense. The Department of Justice needs to come — Sessions and Trump need to come to California, literally arrest, indict Xavier Becerra for breaking federal law.

Travis Allen is right. For an elected official to throw away all federal laws that pertain to his state and force his employees to break them is a criminal offense, and he needs to be indicted quickly.

Let’s hope President Trump and his Department of Justice watch this Fox News interview. True justice needs to be addressed immediately.

h/t Breitbart