BREAKING: The Real Reason Judge Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order! Hint: Obama.

Image Source: 24/7 Eyes

Obama likes to claim that he isn’t going to make any political movements now that he is out of Washington but based off all the times that Obama has lied to the American people who can believe that.

The first instance was when President Trump issued his executive order for the travel ban the first time and a judge in Hawaii blocked the order. This same judge just so happened to meet with Obama the day before his decision and even more graduated in the same class as Obama at Harvard Law.

Only a coincidence right?

Well now there seems to be yet another connection to a judge canceling President Trump’s executive order to Obama.

President Trump recently issued another executive order to pull federal funding from cities that disobeyed his order on sanctuary cities, but low and behold yet another Democrat judge steps up to block the order.

For some reason, the Democrats seem determined to protect illegal immigrants more than the American citizens that are paying for these immigrants to be here.

The Democrats seem to have forgotten the meaning of ILLEGAL immigration and when they make claims that the US is a country of immigrants they fail to mention that they were LEGAL.

But that doesn’t seem to be the end of the story.

This makes sense with the way that Obama handled his presidency. And surely more and more information about Obama’s corruption will come out the longer that President Trump is in power and Obama’s friends are kicked out of Washington.

Obama still has friends in the judges that he appointed and it appears that he is still pulling strings to try and sabotage President Trump’s plans behind the scenes.

It is only a matter of time before Obama isn’t able to stop Trump anymore!

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