Rand Paul: ‘If You Look at the Preponderance of Violence, It’s Been Anti-Trump — It Hasn’t Been Trump Protesters’

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Rand Paul (R-KY) alongside his wife Kelley Paul reacted to recent unrest in Washington, D.C. He questioned if media outlets like the Associated Press were reporting accurately.

Rand Paul told host Neil Cavuto he saw the reporting as unfair to President Donald Trump, including the 2017 Charlottesville, VA incident. He also argued the violence tended to be on the side of the left.

“Well, that’s been misreported since the very beginning, because Trump was never referring to the people that committed violence and killed someone in Charlottesville,” he said. “He was referring to the people debating over whether statues should come down, that there was a reasonable argument on both sides. And that has been so misreported. And, see, even AP and, see, so-called objective sources of news misreported that. So, yes, we do need to be honest. And I don’t know if things will calm down or not. I want them to. I think, to my colleagues in the Senate, I say, yes, let’s calm down, and let’s actually talk.”

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