Protester Allegedly Shoots SUV Driver, Hides Gun, Keeps Protesting

John Geyerman

A protester in Provo, Utah, allegedly shot the driver of a Ford SUV Monday night, then hid his gun and continued protesting.

Deseret News reports that the driver of the SUV, a 60-year-old man, was not part of the protest or counterprotest that had been going on, but was just driving in the area.

Provo Deputy Police Chief John Geyerman indicated that protesters gathered around the SUV and “a male protester ran to the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at (the) driver and shot one round through the window.”

The driver was struck by a bullet and “hit the gas trying to leave the situation.”

The gunman allegedly shot a second-round as the SUV sped off. It went through the back window.

John Geyermanindicates that the gunman then concealed his firearm and continued protesting. John Geyerman said, “This same protester later approached another vehicle at 500 North and University Avenue, striking and breaking the window with the handgun.”

The suspected shooter was found and arrested.


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