President Trump Stuns the Nation With Surprise Announcement – Let The Riots Begin!


Democrats have spent the past year slamming Donald Trump’s planned border wall as silly, stupid and useless. However, these smug liberals are eating their words big time this week, as Trump’s border wall plans were just found to be “virtually impenetrable,” passing rigorous tests.

The evidence shows that barriers work,” says Pete Hermansen, a 22-year veteran of the Border Patrol and former director of the agency’s tactical and rescue teams. “In urban areas, a wall makes sense. In more remote areas, sensors and mobile cameras may be the right choice. But you can’t say fences don’t work.”

Fox News reported that before San Diego 46-mile fence in the late 1980s, Border Patrol agents were overwhelmed by the number of aliens coming in from Mexico. In 1986 alone, the agency arrested 629,656 illegal immigrants, which is more than the entire population of Las Vegas.

This 60-mile sector is now almost completely fenced in, and apprehensions last year fell to 26,086, a 95 percent drop, as double fencing in the most populated areas replaced barbed wire and 6-foot-high steel mats.

Fences have made a big difference,” said Tucson Sector Chief Rudy Kirsch. “It reduced the traffic flow of immigrants and drugs across the border.

The San Diego fencing pushed immigrants over to Yuma, where agents made 138,438 arrests in 2006. Once 126 miles of fence were constructed, illegal traffic fell 90 percent, to 12,847, in 2017.

We proved walls work,” said a senior Yuma agent. “But that doesn’t mean we need a 30-foot wall from sea to shining sea. The wall system the president is talking about includes a physical wall, but also a fiber optic sensor cable, radars, roads, lights.

Hermansen explained that a “wall system” includes a barrier, updated cameras, sensors, roads and lighting.

A wall system gives us situational awareness throughout the border and certainty of apprehension of individuals who are crossing the border,” said Hermansen.

The wall models recently underwent rigorous testing, and they withstood cutting torches, jackhammers and concrete saws better than anything currently on the border, and were almost impossible to climb, thanks to anti-climbing and anti-perching features.

I can’t talk about it,” said a DHS official in Washington. “But the walls were so high we had to suspend testing. It was unsafe. Out of dozens and attempts, one guy made it to the top but he couldn’t get down. We had to bring him down with cherry picker.

The results of the tests are secret and won’t be revealed for months, but it’s clear from talking to agents that they were a huge success.

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h/t Fox News

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